Social Activities

Our Activities Co-ordinator, Karen, organises games, exercise, music, cooking, arts and crafts, outings, religious services and the range of activities is designed to appeal to residents whatever their abilities.   We want our Residents to enjoy their days at Castle Hill House and if we can raise a smile or have a laugh, thats what makes everyone's day.

We want people to enjoy living at Castle Hill House and that means different things to different people.  Some like to spend some time chatting over a cuppa in their rooms, were they can be cosy and comfortable and we can help with reading and correspondance for example.  Other Residents like to get together and socialise over a bit of painting, sewing, knitting or papier mache, the latter usually brings out a laugh when the glue takes on its own life and the wet wipes need to come out!  Activities are designed to create a fulfilling and stimulating environment to live in and they also enhance important feelings of self-worth and support remaining skills which may have diminished in time. 


Achieving a small thing will raise the spirits and we all like to join in the achievements and share the spoils of the cooking sessions with our tea.  We take photo's of activities with peoples permission so that visitors who have missed the occasion can see the fun.  We do encourage visitors to join in as well.  One of our helpers is a visitor who still comes back despite their friend having passed away some time ago, they just enjoy the company and helping folks raise a smile.   Clients with sensory deprivation of various kind are well looked after by our experienced carers and we can provide stimulating environments for that.  Some residents like to garden in the raised beds which are at wheel chair height and the pots at the front of the home are planted and looked after by them.


We find out what people like to do and set it up or accomodate it if we can.  Personalised examples of activities we have assisted with are 

  - Setting up a meditation group which one lady ran, friends and visitors joined in with this and she got a lot of pleasure from sharing her experience with the group. 

  - One lady has had her own musical organ accommodated in the Library so she can continue to enjoy her music.  

  - One gentleman loves motorbikes and we are arranging a 'biker day' with a local motorcycle group.


Realtives and friends bring in their pets and they generally do the rounds of the pet lovers whilst they are here.  We also have visiting therapy dogs and for many years 'Pebbles' our very own therapy dog owned by Emily, wandered the corridors visiting rooms where she knew she would get a pet and a snack. (Sadly Pebbles has now passed away)

Just a few examples are given above, but we love to find out what new people like to do and add it to our programme of events so that everyone can enjoy what is going on.


On a daily basis we have a range of 'things to do' set out in the Library so that Residents can go and do something if they wish.  This is very good for stimulating memories for those who may have some dementia setting in - drawing, sewing, knitting, flicking through books and magazines etc can all trigger a familiarity and a belonging to folks who may be confused.


We have access to a minibus and have enjoyed trips to the pantomime and in the summer will go on trips to the beach, the countryside, even on the steam railway or to a local farm or garden centre.  Lots of things are possible and ideas are always welcome.