We provide short stay ‘Respite Care' for clients who don’t need long term care but need a little extra help for a short period to recover from an illness for example. We can usually be flexible regarding the length of time clients may need to stay with us, the aim being to assist the client to get better and return to their home life as soon as possible.

At Castle Hill House, we can accommodate people for short periods of time, for just a weekend or a few weeks.  This is usually called 'Respite Care' - give us a call to see if we can fit you in, we are often able to do this at short notice too if the need arises.


Why do people choose respite care?  Various reasons like:


 - If someone normally has a carer to help them at home, they may suddenly be left alone without a carer due to unforeseen circumstances.


 - Some people need a stepping stone from hospital to home.  We can provide rehabilitation to enable people to return  home eventually but are not quite able to look after themselves even though they are about to be discharged from hospital.  This can happen if people have had a long hospital stay and are fairly weak, may have a few problems with mobility having been off their feet or just building up strength following an illness and poor appetite has left them fragile.


 - When Carers need a break from looking after someone at home, they can go on holiday or just have time off knowing that their loved one is safe and being well looked after while they re-charge their batteries.


 - Short term restorative treatment and care in a homely environment rather than staying in a hospital - GP's work with us to try and prevent a hospital admission if that is not the best choice for the person.


Contact us and see what we can do short term.  We often have respite clients coming back which always pleases us as we get to know the person.  We can also accommodate couples sometimes in adjoining rooms if space permits or we do have a few rooms big enough to share.